speedport 30 - 30W GaN fast wall charger

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The speedport 30 GaN wall charger delivers up to 30W of fast charging power. to your portable device. GaN technology increases charging efficiency and speed, so you get a lot of power in a compact charger that fits easily in your bag or pocket.

  • Up to 30W Fast Charging with USB-C PD:1 The speedport 30 delivers up to 30W of fast-charging power, and it can charge an iPhone from 0-50% in 30 minutes.2

  • GaN Technology: Gallium nitride can sustain a higher voltage than traditional silicon parts and enable currents to run faster and cooler.

  • Small, Compact Design: The speedport 30 is significantly smaller than regular, non-GAN chargers.

  • Folding Prongs: The speedport 30 has foldable prongs, so it fits neatly in your bag or pocket and won’t snag on other items. (US version only)

  • Smart and Reliable: The speedport 30 has been tested by third party labs and meets applicable regulatory safety and technology certifications and requirements.

1USB-C PD fast charging
2Based on a 30-minute charge from 0% on an iPhone 14 using the speedport 30 and an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable versus a 5W in-the-box charger. Results will vary by charging configuration and device.